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  • Sale -36% C.E. Smith Gen2 Carbon Fiber Outriggers - 16.5 - White - Pair

    C.E. Smith C.E. Smith Gen2 Carbon Fiber Outriggers - 16.5 - White - Pair

    Gen2 Carbon Fiber Outriggers - 16.5' - WhiteGen2 Poles are designed to prevent galvanic reactions, a common problem with anything made from carbon fiber, which keeps your poles looking good and performing at their best. The base of the poles is made of solid fiberglass for greater strength and stability.Taper-Lok joints are used to fix the pole in its extended position. The Taper-Lok joints wedge tightly together creating a single rigid one-piece pole that runs much straighter than fiberglass or aluminum poles. When ready for storage, simply unscrew and remove the locking pin from each collar and the fully rigid sections slide inside each other collapsing the pole. Taper-Lok gives you all the benefits of a single rigid pole with the added convenience of easy storage.Gen2 Carbon Fiber Poles have an extra-long non-conductive tip designed to prevent line tangles in rough waters. These poles have integrated dual 316 stainless steel halyard eyes that are designed for running multiple halyards on one pole. The smooth design of these eyes also prevents any possibility of snags.The base of this pole fits 1-1/2" pole holders, which is the typical size for stainless steel holders. There are two aluminum fitment sleeves included that fit on the base of the poles allowing them to fit 1-5/8" pole holders, which is the typical size for aluminum rod holders.This set also includes a mesh bag for carrying and storing your poles.Features: Integrated dual halyard 316 stainless steel eyes for running multiple halyards Extra-long nonconductive tip to prevent tangles Solid fiberglass base for greater strength and stability Designed to prevent galvanic reactions Taper-Lok joints create single rigid one-piece poles Straighter and stronger than fiberglass and aluminum poles Sections slide inside one another for collapsible storage Specifications: Construction: Carbon Fiber Length (Feet): 16-1/2' Finish: White Diameter (Inches): 1-1/2" Box Dimensions: 4"H x 8"W x 89"L WT: 23 lbs UPC: 768296010355



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