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  • Sale -26% Magma Crossover Single Burner Firebox

    Magma Magma Crossover Single Burner Firebox

    Crossover Single Burner FireboxBuild your perfect outdoor cooking experience with Magma's Crossover series portable, modular cook system.It starts with the brushed 304 stainless steel Single Firebox.  This Firebox features a 15,000 BTU burner with a built-in wind deflector, to maintain a strong and efficient flame in any condition.  A fold-out food preparation shelf with an FDA-approved cutting board insert, that can be easily removed for cleaning.  This side shelf doubles as the lid when the Firebox is not in use and secures with a latch for easy transport.  All handles and controls are made from durable, heat hesitant thermal plastic.  The front control panel includes an innovative altitude adjustment system that ensures the flame stays consistent at different elevations.  Use as a stove out of the box, placing any pot or saute pan on the cooking grate.  It includes a cradle to hold a 1lb disposable propane cylinder at a 35-degree angle, for the most efficient use of the propane.  Or add any of the optional toppers to the grill, make pizza, or griddle.  When using these toppers, the Firebox collects any excess grease in the back through a unique grease containment system, ensuring your area remains clean.  Let Magma help you create magnificent meals from morning to night when you're out on an adventure in your RV or tailgating with your best buds. Features: Fold-out food preparation shelves with 25-pound weight rating lock in place and have reinforced support Removable shelf inserts with integrated channels to control juices are FDA-approved and dishwasher safe Quick-release gas connector Accepts a 1-pound cylinder, 20-pound tank, or hooks directly to an RV or boat gas line The attachable molded plastic platform holds a 1 lb gas cylinder at a 35-degree angle for optimal gas flow Piezo ignition for a single-click, easy start and never needs batteries changed A unique single starter/control knob has a beveled base to prevent damage if bumped Ventilation on the front panel provides airflow to keep controls cool Burner access holes allow a view of the lit burner and the ability to light the burner manually Technical Specifications: Exterior Material  - 304 Brushed Stainless Steel  Interior Material - 304 Stainless Steel  Cooking Grate - 304 Stainless Steel  Mounting Application - Single and Dual mount Primary Cooking Grate - 16" x 16" (40.64 x 40.64cm)  Total Cooking Area - 256" Sq. In. (1651 sq. cm) Number of Burners - 1 Burner BTU 15,000 Dimensions  (L x W x H) - 18.67" x 18.63" x 9.16" (47.4 x 47.3 x 23.3 cm) Fuel Type - Gas Fuel Supply - Disposable 1-lb. (450 g) propane canisters or adapts to pre-regulated propane LPG (valve sold separately), or compressed natural gas CNG (valve sold separately) systems. *Sold as an Individual Owner's Manual (pdf)Brochure (pdf)


  • Sale -40% Magma Crossover Griddle Top

    Magma Magma Crossover Griddle Top

    Crossover Griddle TopBuild your perfect cooking experience with Magma's Crossover series portable, modular cook system.  The Griddle Top is made from cast aluminum and coated with a non-stick finish.  The non-corrosive, cast aluminum prevents heat distortion to maintain a perfect fit with the Firebox.   It includes an innovative diffuser plate that creates even heat across the entire cooking surface, an elevated griddle surround design to keep food and grease splatter contained, and a durable, heat-resistant thermal plastic handle for ease of transporting.   Slide any excess grease through the back hole to deposit it in the Firebox grease containment system.  Cook up bacon, eggs, and pancakes for a break smash burgers for lunch, or sauteed vegetables and shrimp for dinner - let your outdoor cooking imagination run wild!   Whether cooking on board your boat or out in your RV, this black top griddle won't let you down. *Requires the use of the Magma Crossover Single or Double Firebox (sold separately)Features: Elevated griddle surround design keeps food and grease splatter contained Innovative diffuser plate under cooking surface provides even heat for entire griddle Airflow openings under the cooking surface helps prevent overheating Non-corrosive, cast aluminum with a non-stick surface Technical Specifications: Material - Cast Aluminum with non-stick coating  Primary Cooking Area - 16" x 16" (40.64 x 40.64cm)  Total Cooking Area - 256" Sq. In. (1651 sq. cm) Fuel Supply - Crossover Single Firebox (Sold separately)  Dimensions  (L x W x H) - 17.68" x 16" x 4.75" (44.9 x 40.6 x 12.1 cm) Weight - 15 lbs (6.8 kg) *Sold as an Individual Owner's Manual (pdf)Brochure (pdf)


  • Ecofan Original Heat Powered Stove Fan - Black Blade

    Ecofan Ecofan Original Heat Powered Stove Fan - Black Blade

    Original Heat-Powered Stove Fan - BlackThe genuine Caframo Ecofan was the very first heat-powered stove fan to market, proudly manufactured on the shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.  Ecofans are designed to enhance the warmth and comfort delivered from your wood stove without the use of electricity or batteries.Whether you use a wood stove for leisure or as a primary heat source, there are numerous benefits you’ll experience by using a genuine Ecofan.The Ecofan Original generates its electricity using the heat of the stove. At 100 CFM (170 m³/h) the Ecofan 800 helps circulate warm air throughout the room instead of going directly to the ceiling.  Fan speed varies automatically with the stove temperature.Features: Ultra quiet Ideal for rooms up to 120 square feet Distribute heat evenly throughout the home or cabin Warms your room up to 20% faster Proven to reduce fuel usage and emissions by up to 12% Cordless and ready-to-use It starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the surface temperature Operating temperature 230°F - 650°F (110°C - 345°C) 2-year warranty Made in Canada Quick Guide (pdf)Owner's Manual (pdf)



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